Friday, 21 June 2013

Christmas Poems And Songs For Young Children

There is nothing sweeter than listening to a small child recite a poem or sing a song. Children and Christmas definitely go together. Luckily, there are many Christmas poems, songs and finger-plays that are fun for little kids to learn and recite. What a great way too encourage auditory memory and language skills,

Poetry, songs and finger-plays are wonderful ways to encourage language and literacy in young children. They also are a fun way for a child to enhance his or her auditory memory. There are many enjoyable songs and poems and finger-plays to learn and recite at this Christmas time of year. Here are a few to take pleasure in with your child.                                                                      
Check out your local library for a treasure trove of Christmas poems and songs. In Manistee County the Library is located at 95 Maple Street. They have a terrific Children’s Room that is chock full of great kids books. Ask the librarian to help you find specific titles. Merry Christmas.

It's hard to think of anything But Christmas in December There's so much to look forward to And so much to remember.Outside there's a pine tree standing straight and tall It need no decorations--nature's done it all Pinecones on its branches with icicles glistening bright,Snow upon its needles and birds at rest from flight I see it from my window, and take the time to say,
Thank you for your beauty, tree, on this Christmas day.

There's no better way to get your family into the Christmas spirit than reading some classic Christmas poems together. From traditional to cute and funny, there is a poem that every child (and adult) will love - from the Twelve Days of Christmas, French Christmas The Three Kings, right through to Puppies Christmas.So why not get the kids to print their favourite poem, break out some yummy Christmas treats, and have a family recital this Christmas Eve? It's a great way to get everyone into the Christmas spirit before the big day!

Kids Xmas facts, favorite songs, poems, quizzes and favorite Carols for kids and young children. And Kids Christmas fun would not be complete without some magic tricks the kids will love our Santa's Magic Cards videos so will the 'grown-ups

I'd like a stocking made for a giant And a meeting house full of toys,Then I'd go out in a happy hunt For the poor little girls nd boys;Up the street and down the street And across and over the town I'd search and find them everyone Before the sun went down.

Here's a selection of some of my favourite Christmas poems for kids of all ages and for the young-at-heart too Most of them are short enough to use as Christmas card messages, and also short enough that you can read them to a child before they get bored and start squirming ;-) There are also just a couple of longer children's Christmas poems for those kids of a literary bent.

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