Friday, 21 June 2013

Outdoor Water Games for Kids

Warm weather can increase the outdoor entertainment possibilities for children with the addition of water in action. Whether in balloons, pools or from sprinklers, water can also add excitement in kids' outdoor games while helping them stay cool and relish the weather.

Ice Cube Foot Race
This fun water game requires ice and a children's pool big enough for all members to sit round the circumference. Fill the pool with water; keep your water level shallow. Place a clear bucket or container beside each child and grow it with enough water to allow the bucket to face firmly without moving or tipping. After each player is seated, fill the swimming pool with ice cubes. Have each player use their feet to seize as many ice cubes as they can and put them in the empty bucket. Following a set amount of time, count each player's ice. The winner is the player that has collected the most ice cubes.

Look out for the Water!
If you have lawn sprinklers, assemble them on the outer edge from a definitive start and finish line. After setup, have each player go through the race track, trying to reach the finish line without being wet. Have another player quietly, controlling the outdoor water game and randomly turning the tap on and off. The winner is he who reaches the conclusion line without getting wet or he who's the least wet. For added fun, setup obstacles, such as a small dirt pile or water puddle. Remind the kids that the track may be slippery and they don't have run fast to win farmville.

The Leaking Balloon
This water balloon game is really a water-filled version of hot potato. To organize, fill a standard balloon with water and tie it. Next, have a small sharp item, like a needle or push pin, and poke several holes in the filled balloon in order to create a steady, slow streak of leakage. Next, have players stand beside one another in a circle. Each player will pass this balloon mechanism to the next player before the balloon has no water. The game ends when one player is caught using the water-less balloon. You can turn this right into a tournament if there are only a few players. Do that by eliminating the player caught using the drained balloon after each round until one player remains. This player benefits of the tournament

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