Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bikram Yoga Tips For Beginners

Bikram Yoga is 90-minute yoga practice done in a room set at 105 degrees and 40% humidity. Each class consists of 26 poses, the same 26 every time, held for a specific amount of time and repeated two times. By practicing in the heat, your muscles warm quickly and allow you to stretch further than you could at room temperature. The heat also helps you sweat out toxins in your body and gets your heart rate up so you get some cardiovascular work.

Bikram yoga is undoubtedly suitable for beginners seeking optimum health or weight loss/managmentl. This intense type of yoga includes 26 sequential postures and a pair of breathing exercises for ultimate mind-body unity and relaxation. Bikram yoga beginners do not need to worry about the concentration of the poses, as continuous practice can make them better to do since your body will start to accommodate the stress each bikram yoga poses has upon you.

Hot yoga, aka bikram yoga, can be quite intimidating for those who are either new to yoga in general, or haven't been to a hot yoga class before. If the 105ºF temperatures aren't enough to scare you away, the thought of getting sticky and sweating with a group of strangers can be enough to turn you off of it. But, once you get past the heat and the sweat factor, hot yoga classes can provide you with some of the best workouts of your life.

Unlike some other forms of yoga, there is a “right way” abdominal exercise to perform the poses and an end in mind. As it is in ballet, there is a correct standing bow pose and a way for beginning practitioners to attempt the pose the right way in order to receive the full benefits.

Perhaps because of this, I get asked a lot of questions from curious individuals who have heard of Bikram before, and are thinking about trying it out, but are just a little nervous. I mean let’s face it, the prospect of going into a room heated to 105 degrees for 90 minutes and doing 26 postures and two breathing exercises is a little daunting, right

Fat burns faster in hot yoga session. The entire body including tissues, muscles, glands and organs get thorough workout during the sessions. Heat aids in better stretching and movement of the ligaments, muscles and joints.Hot yoga can also be an aid in weight loss and aids in faster metabolism. Blood circulation is also improved as well. Flexibility as well as the practice of mediation is improved during hot yoga sessions. The heat intensifies the workout thus added benefits are admitted in the body.

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