Thursday, 18 July 2013

Health Benefits of Forward Bends in Yoga

the seated forward bend, is the fifth of the 12 basic postures of hatha yoga. There are many benefits of this posture, the main and most obvious one is to provide a complete stretch of the entire backside of the body from the back of the head through the heels. Immediately following this is the counterstretch, the inclined plane.

Forward-bending yoga poses are particularly useful for calming your mind. As you fold your torso forward, relax your neck, and let your head drop, your focus naturally turns inward. Your breathing becomes calm, your heart rate slows down, and your thoughts settle. These natural responses relieve stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

pose the Standing Forward Bend. But in any language, this incredibly beneficial posture is both therapeutic and revitalizing. In Uttanasana, your head is below your heart. This allows the unusual occasion for blood to rush to your head (rather than your feet), giving your cells a rejuvenating boost of oxygen.

There are many benefits to forward bends, both standing and sitting. They create length and space in the spine, counteracting compression, and their inward nature can promote introspection. Yet forward bends can also be a challenge to many people, abdominal exercise especially those with tight hamstrings. Common physical patterns, such as overstretched back muscles and rounded shoulders (most likely from sitting in front of a computer for hours) are often exacerbated in forward bending poses.

Forward bending poses are a staple of any yoga class. They allow for a nice, lengthening stretch throughout the entire spine, shoulders, and pelvis and are therefore often used within a yoga class to realign the spine after twisting and asymmetric poses. Forward bends also tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles. The compression of the abdominal and digestive organs that occurs has a detoxifying effect that can improve and stimulate digestion. Additionally, forward bends are great for stretching and lengthening the hamstrings

Standing Forward Bend Yoga workout is a good way to start your yoga session. As it helps to stretch the muscles and warm up in preparation for the Sun Salutation Vinyasa and benefits.

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