Saturday, 6 July 2013

Scrapbook Ideas for Love

When you are deeply in love with someone, it is perfectly normal to want to find a way to commemorate your ex story and record it ever so it can be appreciated for a long time or generations to come. Creating a love scrapbook is an ideal way to record the love story between you and your partner. The finished scrapbook will make a wonderful anniversary gift, display book or family heirloom. Your ex story will live on forever inside a carefully thought-out love scrapbook.

Write Your Love Story
Before you can create your love scrapbook, you will have to write your love story. Put aside a time when you can sit down and create the story of the love between you and your partner. If the scrapbook is not a surprise for the spouse, ask him if he'd be willing to write out your love story from his perspective too. Sometimes seeing a love story from another perspective can provide you with fresh ideas about the concept of your love story and the important events there.

List Important Events
After you have written your love story, utilize it to help you make a list of the important events inside your relationship. Jot down dates, places, people and items which are significant to the story line. Getting your love story organized will help you create a more chronological love scrapbook which will tell a beautiful story to people who look at it.

Choose Meaningful Images and Items
Find photographs and items which are significant to the major events inside your love story. Start grouping them together and filing them so that they will be ready when you make your scrapbook. Don't forget to include items like poems written for one another, ticket stubs and receipts with meaning.

Choose Design
Create a separate page for every important event in your love story. Choose an original yet coordinating design for every page. Think about using patterns and colours in the background that coordinate using the story you are telling. Put your photographs and other important items around the page in interesting ways. You shouldn't be afraid to place items in an angle or create windows that readers available to reveal a special photograph.

Add Finishing Touches
Once all the pages of your love scrapbook are completed, incorperate your finishing touches. Write introducing the scrapbook explaining the reason why you decided to create it. You may even attach your written love story. Produce a cover reflective of your story, you should also leave some blank pages in the event you decide to add to your scrapbook as the lives continue to unfold.

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