Saturday, 6 July 2013

Love Story Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooks are a creative method to capture memories and moments, but when you're tired of making the standard scrapbook, consider making a Love Story scrapbook. An appreciation Story book follows the story of the couple meeting, dating and falling for each other. It's a good gift idea or you can make one you to ultimately document your relationship.


The aim of a Love Story scrapbook would be to outline and detail the story line of a couple in love. The best way to do this is to structure the scrapbook similar to a fairy tale. Begin with that old, "Once upon a time," then continue the story line in that style. Remember to include pages on which the individuals were like before they were given together, their meeting story, and maybe even some of the trials they endured like a couple. End the story with in which the couple is now in their relationship: married, engaged or simply dating, but still living happily ever after.


Select a style for scrapbook in order that it flows well with the story and also the personalities of the individuals. Are they free spirits, with lots of fun and silly pictures to select from? Then try a more laid back style, with bright colors and enormous, graphic title blocks. If they're a more serious, romantic couple as well as their pictures are mostly portrait style, then choose more subdued colors and stylish lettering. Take into consideration the couple as well as their interests; if they are world travelers, you are able to structure the Love Story happening all over the world.

What makes a Love Story scrapbook stand out are the personal mementos and keepsakes that tailor it towards the couple. Small items like movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, petals from the favorite bouquet or a label from the special bottle of wine could be included. Always employ acid-free adhesive and paper to safeguard the integrity of the keepsakes.

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